The $100 Diet; How Naughty Pin-Up Girls Stay Thin

Venus de Fairlane$100 Diet Naughty Pin-Up Girl E-Book that will change your life- Champagne and desserts okay in moderation says Author

$100 Diet - How Naughty Pin Up Girls Stay THIN is the secret to getting and staying incredibly thin without giving up life's guilty pleasures, as well as simple exercise plans to keep a girl's figure looking especially fit and trim without the backbreaking and time consuming effort. Can you have champagne, cocktails or wine? Yes you can! Can you have dessert? But of course! Is it easy to learn and to follow? Well, it must be if it's kept it's author's fleeting attention span. Also included are many tasty recipes and meal plans. This mini-ebook with a catchy title written by artist and performer Rachel Car Johnson gives you secret that keeps you thin and feeling foxier than ever before.

At last, "The $100 Diet; How Naughty Pin-Up Girls Stay Thin is a new e-book that aims to share the real secrets of pin up girls. Author Rachel Car Johnson, gives busy women the facts about how to lose weight safely so they can have their champagne and cake and eat it too. Her intention is to show Women how
they can be fit and foxy without doing backbreaking exercise. Can you imagine a diet that allows fattening foods and alcoholic beverages? Have you ever heard of "on days" and "off days" on a regular basis? That is what this unorthodox diet guru explains in her best selling mini-book, "The $100 Diet; How Naughty Pin-Up Girls Stay Thin." Its a fun and safe weight loss program that saves you money and time finding the right program.

Author Rachel Car Johnson was terrified after she was told the news that she had to wear nothing but high heels and a bathing suit for a music video shoot. Ms Car had never been on a diet before but the prospect of being on camera so intimately was the stimulus she needed to start to find the right diet for her eating habits. Ms. Car Johnson grew up in Los Angeles, California ' the land of the size 0, where girls are known for being small and petite, but often fall victim to the celebrity=2 0diet fads that constantly plague Hollywood. "I was okay, but had to worry about how I would look on film. I don't have a naturally rail-like figure and had to work at what I did to begin with” she says. Ms Car Johnson attempted all sorts of diets such as Macrobiotic and high protein diet but melded a combination of several lifestyles to get the figure she was most proud of. The fruits of her labor was the breakthrough diet book for busy girls “The $100 Diet; How Naughty Pin-Up Girls Stay Thin”
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